13.13/The Agony Is The Ecstacy

(Los Angeles Spring - November 1981 / UK November - December 1981)


13.13 #1 @ the Underground NYC 17-June-1981
 13.13 #1 @ the Underground NYC 17-June-1981:
(l-r) Greg Williams (bass)/ Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Alex MacNicol (drums) and Johnny Nation (guitar).
Photo credit: unknown.

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13.13 - 1981
The year in which the band is founded, records an album, tours the US and folds.

From August/September 1980 Lydia Lunch resides in Topanga Canyon (The Snake Pit area), Los Angeles. Later Lydia moves to a house in the Venice/Highland Park area of Los Angeles where she stays until February 1982.

She forms this band with Johnny Nation [ex- Bags, ex- The Cyclones, later Endless Banana] and [ex- Weirdos] Greg Williams and Alex MacNicol [later Green On Red] who had just split up. Johnny Nation was in 1979 briefly in The Cyclones with Jeffrey Lee Pierce and is also the brother of "Fingered" (Kern/Lunch's movie) star Marty.

Line-up #1 (Los Angeles: June 1981 - July 1981):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Johnny Nation (guitar)/ Greg Williams (bass) and Alex MacNicol (drums)

Los Angeles Spring 1981

US CA,Los Angeles,Silver Lake,O.N. Klub

Setlist: Stares To Nowhere/ ?/ Teenage Twilight/ and more...

Review: Review by Byron Coley taken from new York Rocker September 1981.

Note: Debut concert at a club which started as THE place for the Californian Mod/Ska scene, but by 1981 was equal parts reggae club, new wave/ska club, and retro-soul dance club.

San Francisco 06-Jun-81

US CA,San Francisco,Elite Club
[with The Dead Kennedys and Lockjaw]

Flyer: Scan of flyer. Photo of alternative flyer .

Ad: Scan of advert, taken from San Francisco Examiner 06-Jun-81.

New York 14-Jun-81

US NY,New York City,Bond International Casino,Aluminum Nights
The Kitchen's birthday party and benefit
[with Glenn Branca, Raybeats,DNA,etc..]

Flyer: Scan of flyer.

Photo: Taken from "Sonic Youth etc..: Sensational Fix" book, credit Paula Court.

US NY,Trenton,City Gardens

New York 17-Jun-81

US NY,New York City,The Underground
[with Mission Of Burma]

Handbill: Original handbill.

Boston 18-Jun-81

US MA,Boston,The Spit

Ad: Scan of ad.

US PA,Philadelphia,Starlite Ballroom
[with Jeff and Jane Hudson, Impossible Years]

San Francisco 20-Jun-81

US DC,Washington,9:30 Club
[with Vietnam]

Flyer: Photo of flyer.

San Francisco 22-Jun-81

US CA,San Francisco,I-Beam
[with D-Day]

Poster: Photo of poster.

Ad: Scan of advert, taken from San Francisco Examiner 21-Jun-81.

July 1981
Johnny is replaced by another ex Weirdo Dix Denney and Alex by Cliff Martinez [later Red Hot Chili Peppers]. Alex MacNicol joins Green On Red, he died in 2004 at the age of 44.

Line-up #2 (Los Angeles: July 1981 - November 1981):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Dix Denney (guitar)/ Greg Williams (bass) & Cliff Martinez (drums)

Hollywood 07-Jul-81

US CA,Hollywood,Cathay De Grande
(2 sets)

Poster: Photo of poster.

US CA,San Diego,The Spirit

July 1981
US CA,Sun Valley,Perspective Sound,recording the "13.13" album.
Engineered by Steve McDonald.

Hollywood 24-Jul-81

US CA,Hollywood,Whiskey A Go Go
[with The Bush Tetras]

US CA,Hollywood,Whiskey A Go Go
[with The Bush Tetras]

Ad: Scan of ad taken from the Los Angeles Times 05-Jul-81.

US CA,Hollywood,Cathay De Grande
[with Fibonaccis]

August 1981
US CA,Woodland Hills,Preferred Sound,recording the "13.13" album.
Engineered by Thom Wilson [Dead Kennedys].

September 1981
US NY,New York City,Blank Tapes studios,mixing the "13.13" album.
Engineered by Bob Blank.

US PA,Philadelphia,East Side Club
[with Georgia's Side Effects]

Washington-Georgetown 14-Sep-81

US DC,Washington-Georgetown,The Bayou
[with Romeo Void]

Ad: Scan of ad, taken from American Eagle 11-Sep-81.

New York City 17-Sep-81

US NY,New York City,Chase Park
[with Suicide and Ike Yard]

Note: Chase Park was atop an old Chase Bank on Broadway & Houston St. (a slightly “Diamond Doggish" affair). After the show, Lydia asked if Ike Yard could be her backing band. They did not accept.

Flyer: Photo of flyer.

New York City 18-Sep-81

US NY,New York City,Mudd Club

Ad: Microfilm image from the Village Voice September 1981, courtesy of Jonathan Luftig.

US NY,New York City,Club 57 @ Irving Plaza

Setlist: ?/ Stares To Nowhere/ This Side Of Nowhere/ 3X3/ ?/ ?.

Note: Club 57 was opened on February 8, 1978 by (Polish expat) Stan Strychacki and managed initialy by Chris Gremski and later in 1979 by Ann Magnuson and her collaborators (such as Eric Bogosian and Joey Arias). It was a hangout and venue for performance- and visual-artists and musicians, such as Keith Haring, John Sex, Wendy Wild, David McDermott, Jean-Michel Basquiat etc..

Club 57 operated at the same time at 2 locations. One (focussing on film/video screenings and "neo-Dada cabaret") was located in the basement of the Holy Cross Polish National Church @ 57 St.Mark's Place. Photo of the exterior of Club 57 credit Harvey Wang. The other (for larger live concert shows on Fridays and Saturdays), starting on July 14, 1978, was @ an old Polish dance hall called the Irving Plaza @ 17 Irving Place. The St.Mark's Place location ran until 01-Feb-83. The Irving Place location closed in 1986 and was re-opened in April 2007 as the "Fillmore New York At Irving Plaza".

US/CAN Supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees on some dates of their long (25 dates) tour.

Pasadena 14-Oct-81

US CA,Pasadena,Perkins Palace
[with Quiet Children, support for Siouxsie and the Banshees]

Photos: Taken from LA music mag, showing marquee and Lydia and Siouxsie backstage.

US CA,Los Angeles,Club Lingerie

US LA,New Orleans,Jeds
[with The Front]

Setlist: 3X3(*)/ Snakepit Breakdown/ Stares To Nowhere/ Lock Your Door(*)/ Suicide Ocean/ Afraid Of Your Company/ I Fell In Love With A Ghost(+)(*).

Note: (+) In March 1982 Lydia recorded this track with Rowland S.Howard and released it on their "Some Velvet Morning" 12". (*) released as extra tracks on "13.13" album CD reissue (Widowspeak 2017).

US NY,New York City,Peppermint Lounge
[support for Siouxsie and the Banshees]

New York City 14-Nov-81

US NY,New York City,Peppermint Lounge
[support for Siouxsie and the Banshees]

Setlist: Snakepit Breakdown/ 3X3/ Stares To Nowhere(*).

Photo: Credit Catherine Ceresole, taken from "Beauty Lies in the Eye", photobook (Edition Patrick Frey 2013).

Note: The set is cut short by a visit from the fire department. Lydia then announces they are only going to be able to play one additional song, which they start and stop. Siouxsie plays as scheduled. (*) released as extra track on "13.13" album CD reissue (Widowspeak 2017).

November 1981
US NY,New York City, Lydia is offered the open for both the Birthday Party and The Cure on their UK tours. She breaks up 13.13 and asks Kristian Hoffman [The Mumps/Swinging Madisons] to join and once in London enlists Steven Severin and Murray Mitchell [respectively guitar with and roadie for Siouxsie and the Banshees] who she met before @ the Roundhouse in London on 11-Dec-77 (during her Teenage Jesus days) and again on the Banshees' joint US October/November '81 tour.

The Agony Is The Ecstacy 1981
 Passport picture for UK/Europe 1981 tour.

The Agony Is The Ecstacy - 1981

Line-up #1 (UK/Europe: November-December 1981):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Steven Severin (bass)/ Murray Mitchell (guitar)
and Kristian Hoffman (drums), with backing tapes.

November 1981
UK London,a studio,the band rehearses and records the backing tracks for "The Agony Is The Ecstacy" performance. They improvise over an LP record with sound recordings from the Arab-Israel Six-day war (June 1967) "Lydia read little bits from her diary, lay on the ground, moaned, and just sort of flailed around." [Kristian Hoffman 2009]

Cure tour 25/30-Nov-81

UK Sheffield,Lyceum
[with And Also The Trees and The Cure]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

Poster: Photo of poster.

Note: First date of supporting The Cure on some dates of their (8 dates) "Eight Appearances" tour.

London 26-Nov-81

UK London,The Venue
[with The Birthday Party and Material]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

Photo: Credit David Corio. Sourced from Gettyimages/Redferns music photo libraries. Another photo, credit unknown.

Ad: Ad, taken from UK mag 28-Nov-81.

Review: Review, taken from The Guardian.

Note: Complete performance (18 mins) available on the split "The Agony Is The Ecstacy" 12" (4AD 1982), other side by The Birthday Party recorded on the same date.

UK Manchester,Rafters
[with The Birthday Party]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

UK London,West Hamstead,Moonlight Club
[with UT]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

Cure tour 29/30-Nov-81

UK Stoke-On-Trent,Queens Hall
[with And Also The Trees & The Cure]

UK Coventry,Apollo
[with And Also The Trees & The Cure]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

Ad: Taken from a UK mag Nov-81.

Brighton 01-Dec-81

UK Brighton,Dome
[with And Also The Trees & The Cure]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

Poster: Photo of poster.

London 03-Dec-81

UK London,Hammersmith Palais
[with And Also The Trees & The Cure]

Setlist: The Agony Is The Ecstacy.

Ad: Taken from a UK mag Nov-81.

December 1981
UK London, Steven Severin leaves the band halfway through the tour because he was too embarrassed with the material.

Line-up #2 (Europe December 1981):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Murray Mitchell (guitar) and Kristian Hoffman (drums)

Start of their 10-date European tour, apparently ditching the "Agony Is The Ecstacy" material in favour of 13.13 songs.

IT Roma,-

SE Malmö,-

Stockholm 10-Dec-81

SE Stockholm,Skeppet

Photo: Credit Mats Bäcker. Scan taken from Schlager magazine #32-33, 22-Dec-81.

Ad: Scan taken from Schlager magazine #30, 24-Nov-81, courtesy of Matti.

Stockholm 13-Dec-81

SE Stockholm,Berzelii Terrassen-BZ
[with The End]

Poster: Original poster, courtesy of Matti.

Note: At one of the Swedish shows they do such a horrible and embarrasing performance that Lydia has to go and hide for some time in the bathrooms.

Amsterdam 15-Dec-81

NL Amsterdam,Paradiso

Poster: Credit Martin Kaye.

Review: Taken from Trouw newspaper 17-Dec-81.

Note: Credit Martin Kaye.

Groningen 17-Dec-81

NL Groningen,Vera
[with E. Vocato Suicidato]

Review: Taken from Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 19-Dec-81.

Eindhoven 18-Dec-81

NL Eindhoven,Effenaar
[with The Signals]

Setlist: Rip It Up/ Stares To Nowhere/ Silent/ I Don't Know Why-Pools of blood/ Killing You.

Poster: Photo of poster.

Note: Broadcast by Dutch FM radio. Apparently a lot of new songs had been written which have never been recorded. Released 2016 as download on Bandcamp.

NL Nijmegen,Doornroosje

Note: Could have happened on the 21-Nov-81.

NL Venus Hotel,Room 9, Lydia Lunch writes some poetry that would later appear in her "Adulterers Anonymous" book (with Exene Cervenka).

BE Antwerpen,Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten

Note: At the Arts academy around 3AM.

UK Release of "The Agony Is The Ecstacy" 12" (4AD).

UK Lydia Lunch joins Robert Smith on The Cure's "Fourteen Explicit Moments Tour" and is alledgedly keeping a joint 'funeral diary' .

US Release of the "13.13" album (Ruby).

UK/GE Release of the "13.13" album (Situation2/Line).

FR Re-release of the "13.13" album (Le Son Du Maquis).

Rowland S.Howard (March 1982 - August 1982)

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