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Culteral Seeds -front Culteral Seeds: Essays on the Work of Nick Cave - edited by Tanya Dalziell and Karen Welberry (book)

Content: Twelve essays on the work of Nick Cave. Among others by Clinton Walker and Jillian Burt.

Reference: Reference on page 43 to a scan (NME - Portrait of the artist as a consumer)

Format: Hardback/paperback. 230 pages.

  • Ashgate -978-1138251472 (AU,28-May-09)

The Art Of Nick Cave -front The Art Of Nick Cave: New Critical Essays - edited by John H. Baker (book)

Content: Fifteen essays on the work of Nick Cave.

Reference: Reference on page 134 "I would like to thank Hans for access to a selection of Cave's unpublished plays [..]" + reference to

Format: Paperback. 282 pages.

  • Intellect/University of Chicago Press -978-1841506272 (US,22-Mar-13)

The Young Nick Cave: Boy On Fire -front The Young Nick Cave: Boy On Fire - by Mark Mordue (book)

Content: Nick Cave's early years, up to the moment The Boys Next Door left Australia for London and became The Birthday Party.

Reference: Reference on page 374 "[..] and the exceptional From the Archives (, and [..] were particularly useful resources and distracting rabbit holes!"

Format: Paperback. 418 pages.

  • Allen & Unwin -9781838953690 (AU,18-Nov-20)

Blixa Bargeld and Einstürzende Neubauten -front Blixa Bargeld and Einstürzende Neubauten: German Experimental Music - by Jennifer Shryane (book)

Content: Academic research project for the rock band Einstürzende Neubauten.

Reference: Reference on page 244. "For readers requiring a more detailed chronology, discography and gig listing since 1980, is an impressive document."

Format: Hardback/paperback. 255 pages.

Online: Evading do-re-mi @ University of Chester’s online research repository.

  • Ashgate -978-1138278875 (AU,28-Nov-11)

Krach: Verzerrte Erinnerungen -front Krach: Verzerrte Erinnerungen - by Alexander Hacke (book)

Content: Alex Hacke's autobiography of a school dropout, squatter and member of the 1980 founded band Einstürzende Neubauten.

Reference: Reference on page 279. "...und mithilfe des wirklich unglaubliches Portals, konnte ich wärend der Niederschrift meine Erinnerung immer wieder auffrischen." ("...and with the help of the really incredible portal, I was able to refresh my memory during the transcript.")

Format: Hardback. 280 pages.

  • Metrolit Verlag -978-3849303778 (DE,12-Oct-15)

Autoluminescent -front Autoluminescent - by Richard Lowenstein and Lynn-Maree Milburn (documentary film)

Content: A heartwarming/heartbreaking honest portrait of Rowland S.Howard, from his early days with The Young Charlatans (1977) until his last gig in Melbourne on October 29, 2009.

Reference:, credited for supplying scans of articles and clippings.

Format: DVD. 109mins + 74mins (extras).

  • Umbrella -David2441 (AU,07-Mar-12)

Urban Australia and Post-Punk -front Urban Australia and Post-Punk: Exploring Dogs in Space - by David Nichols and Sophie Perillo (book)

Content: This book is a collection of essays exploring the place, period and legacy of Richard Lowenstein’s 1986 film "Dogs in Space", by people who were part of the Melbourne (AU) post-punk music scene. The writers are musicians, actors and artists and also academics in heritage, history, urban planning, gender studies, geography, performance and music. This is an invaluable resource for anyone passionate about Australian film, society, culture, history, heritage, music and art.

Reference: References to the Rowland S.Howard Chronology in Lisa MacKinney's piece "The Strange Life of 'Shivers'" on pages 222-224.

Format: Paperback. 358 pages.

  • Palgrave Macmillan -978-9813297012 (AU,25-Feb-20) Printed on demand.

Downtown Film and TV Culture -front Downtown Film and TV Culture 1975-2001 - edited by Joan Hawkins (book)

Content: Twenty Three essays by filmmakers, exhibitors, cultural critics, and scholars from multiple generations of the New York downtown scene to illuminate individual films and filmmakers. Among others by J. Hoberman, Tony Conrad, Jack Sargeant, Nick Zedd.

Reference: Reference on page 113. "The fan website, supplies a detailed chronological list of her [Lydia Lunch] performances, recordings, film, video performances, and bibliography."

Format: Paperback. 380 pages.

  • Intellect -978-1783204229 (UK,16-Jun-15)

War Is Never Over -front Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never Over - by Nick Soulsby (book)

Content: The first comprehensive overview of Lydia Lunch’s bands, projects and collaborations from 1977-2019. An oral history as told by 85 collaborators.

Reference: Reference on page 14/15: "I would like to draw the reader's attention to the extraordinary website Hans has singlehandedly grafted long and hard to create the only comprehensive listing of the key dating associated with Lydia's work of which I am aware. Without this site I believe the overall outline and structure of Lydia's career (and that of several other artists he has focused on) would be unrecoverable. My thanks go to Hans for his supportiveness throughout." Reference on page 289: "The following summary [chronology] of the career of Lydia Lunch is based on the extensive work conducted by Hans, curator and powerhouse behind the website. The author would like to offer his thanks to Hans for his help, support, and astounding endeavour."

Format: Paperback. 320 pages.

  • Jawbone Press -ISBN:978-1911036456 (UK,30-Apr-20)

The The Names of Minimalism: Authorship, Art Music, and Historiography in Dispute - by Patrick Nickleson (book)(book)

Content: A retelling of the history of minimalism and its impact on the concept of authorship. Minimalism stands as the key representative of 1960s radicalism in art music histories—but always as a failed project. In The Names of Minimalism, Patrick Nickleson holds in tension collaborative composers in the period of their collaboration, as well as the musicological policing of authorship in the wake of their eventual disputes. Through examinations of the droning of the Theatre of Eternal Music, Reich’s Pendulum Music, Glass’s work for multiple organs, the austere performances of punk and no wave bands, and Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca’s works for massed electric guitars, Nickleson argues for authorship as always impure, buzzing, and indistinct.

Reference: Reference on page 227. "108. This last image appears in a website cataloging the early chronology of no wave concerts. See, ac- cessed 9 June 2021."

Format: Hardcover/Paper/e-Book. 266 pages.

  • University of Michigan Press -978-0-472-90300-9 (US,19-Jan-23) Open access
  • University of Michigan Press -978-0-472-03909-8 (US,19-Jan-23) Paper
  • University of Michigan Press -978-0-472-13328-4 (US,19-Jan-23) Hardcover

I, Doll -front I, Doll: Life and Death with the New York Dolls - by Arthur Kane (book)

Content: Arthur Kane details the first sixteen months of the New York Dolls' time on earth, from Kane's first meeting with Thunders to Murcia's tragic death in London (November 7, 1972).

Reference: Reference on page 229. "Editor's Notes. Arthur's memoir occasionally gets the chronology of events wrong. For the best available New York Dolls chronology, see"

Format: Hardback. 242 pages.

  • Chicago Review Press -978-1556529412 (US,01-Aug-09)

Stranded in the Jungle -front Stranded in the Jungle: Jerry Nolan's Wild Ride - by Curt Weiss (book)

Content: The story of Jerry Nolan's time with the New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers.

Reference: Reference on pages 281/283.

Format: Paperback. 310 pages.

  • Backbeat Books -978-1495050817 (US,14-Nov-17)

The Life and Times of Malcolm McLaren -front The Life & Times of Malcolm McLaren: The Biography - by Paul Gorman (book)

Content: The authorised biography of Malcolm McLaren, cultural iconoclast and enduring figurehead of the punk movement.

Reference: Reference on page 807. "I am grateful to the website From The Archives for its detailed chronology of New York Dolls performances, particularly those between 17 January and 10 April 1975. See".

Format: Paperback. 855 pages.

  • Little, Brown Book Group -978-1472121097 (UK,16-Apr-20)

PIN-UPS 1972: Third Generation Rock ’n’ Roll -front PIN-UPS 1972: Third Generation Rock ’n’ Roll - by Peter Stanfield (book)

Content: A sleazy, neon- and grease-stuffed chronicle of London's rock scene during the pivotal year of 1972--from Marc Bolan to the New York Dolls.

Reference: Reference on page 324. "I am grateful to 'From The Archives' New York Dolls chronology for much of the information on the band's first trip to the UK:".

Format: Hardcover. 320 pages.

  • Reaktion Books -978-1789145656 (UK,14-Mar-22)

Dream Baby Dream -front Dream Baby Dream: Suicide - A New York City Story - by Kris Needs (book)

Content: The story of Alan Vega and Martin Rev's band, Suicide.

Reference: Reference on page 320. New York Dolls chronology: From The and Suicide chronology: From The

Format: Hardcover. 328 pages.

  • Omnibus Press -978-1783057887 (UK,12-Oct-15)

Punk Rock: Music Is the Currency of Life -front Punk Rock: Music Is the Currency of Life - by Mindy Clegg (book)

Content: "Punk Rock" examines the history of punk rock in its totality. Punk became a way of thinking about the role of culture and community in modern life. Punks forged real alternatives to producing popular music and built community around their music. This book starts with the rise of modernity and places the emergence of punk as a musical subculture into that longer historical narrative. It highlights all styles of punk and its wide variety of creators around the world, including from the LGBTQ+, feminist, and alternative communities.

Reference: References "Suicide -Chronology: 86." and "Suicide sought to reflect the post-1960s reality back to their audiences in the form of music. Although Steven Lee] Beeber dated [in his book "The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGB's"] the band's earliest performance as 1972, the website From the Archives listed at ..."

Format: Hardcover/Paperback. 263 pages.

  • State University of New York-SUNY Press -?978-1438489377 (US,01-Aug-22) Hardcover
  • State University of New York-SUNY Press -978-1438489384 (US,01-Aug-22) Paperback

Conversation with an Indian -front Alan Vega, conversation avec un indien - by Alexandre Breton (book)

Content: Life and death of an underground legend: A major and fascinating figure in the New York underground, Alan Vega, died on July 16th, 2016 in New York, marked the history of rock and roll deeply with his band Suicide, as a solo artist, as well as in the plastic arts with his light installations. From sculpture to sound experimentation, engaged political activity and horse racing, from Elvis to Jesus Christ, Spinoza and the topic of Jewishness.

Reference: Reference on page 103, Internet links. "
Site d'archives de Suicide, très fourni. Une mine. (Suicide archives, well-stocked. A goldmine)."

Format: Softcover. 110 pages.

  • Le Texte Vivant -978-2-36723-043-6 (FR,Mar-13) French language.
  • Le Texte Vivant -978-2-36723-046-7 (FR,11-Apr-17) English language.


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