The Immaculate Consumptive

(UK/USA October/November 1983)


The Immaculate Consumptive NYC 1983
 Front cover of UK weekly NME dated 12-Nov-83.

Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), 
dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to The Immaculate Consumptive 

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In May 1983 Lydia Lunch returns from New York to London (@ Barons Court).

She stars in "Like Dawn to Dust", a Super-8 film by Vivienne Dick filmed during May/June in Connemara, Ireland. In August 1983 Jim G.Thirlwell (a.k.a. Clint Ruin ,Foetus) is recording his third album, "Hole" album in London. During the same month Jim performs as "Bruise 'n' Chain", together with Marc Almond [Soft Cell], in support of Cabaret Voltaire at 3 live UK shows. "Body Unknown" is one of the 4 tracks performed. During September/October 1983 Nick Cave is recording in London for his first album ("From Her To Eternity"). Jim G.Thirlwell also joins for these recordings. Both are also recording with Marc Almond for Annie Hogan's "Plays Kickabye" album.

Lydia Lunch organises a Halloween event at the Dancetaria club in New York City, where all 4 would perform together under the moniker "Immaculate Consumptive".

UK London,The Alvic Studios, Nick Cave (with Blixa Bargeld, Mick Harvey, Barry Adamson & Annie Hogan) spend one week recording the backing tracks for the 3 upcoming Immaculate Consumptive live shows in the US. At this same studio during the same month Nick Cave, Jim G.Thirlwell (aka Clint Ruin) and Marc Almond are recording for Annie Hogan's "Plays Kickabye" album.

Lydia Lunch (vocals/guitar)/ Marc Almond (vocals)/ Clint -Jim Thirlwell- Ruin (vocals/sax/drums) and Nick Cave (vocals/piano)
with pre-recorded backing tapes.

Washington 27-Oct-83

US DC,Washington,9:30 Club
[with Grand Mal]

Setlist: a.o. Hot Horse (CR).

Flyer: Courtesy of Suzy Sputnik.

Ad: Scan of ad , taken from American Eagle 21-Oct-83.

Note 1: 1st concert as Immaculate Consumptive. Jim Thirlwell did not join for this show. Dead in the middle of night, on their way driving from Washington to New York, Nick asks to stop the car between 14th and P Street in Washington to score some heroin.

Note 2: Guitarist Malcolm Riviera [Grand Mal] recollects (via Thurston Moore): "We first met Mark, Nick, and Lydia before the show in the dressing room. I'd never met any of them of them. I remember being a bit starstruck by Lydia. She just stood there kind of glaring at us, and I don't think we spoke. At some point Marc asked if he could borrow my Marshall cabinet for his set and I said sure. I don't remember why he needed it because I don't remember him playing any instruments. But at one point during his segment of their set he threw a chair across the stage, and one leg of the chair impaled my Marshall cabinet. The leg punched right through the grill cloth and destroyed one of the speakers. I was not too happy about that and raised hell with him! I also complained to Dodi [DiSanto], the 9:30 Club manager. Shortly thereafter, Marc handed me a $100 bill, asking if that would take care of the damage. I don't know what he was doing walking around with $100 bills! Maybe the club gave it to him."

New York Oct-83

US NY,Manhatten,Public Access TV,Videowave

Photo: Showing Merle Ginsberg (left) with Lydia Lunch.

Note: Recorded @ the Young Filmmakers Studio on Rivington Street. Produced by Alan Abramowitz. Marc Almond and Lydia Lunch are interviewed by Merle Ginsberg and, seperately, Nick Cave and Clint Ruin too. Partly rebroadcast in 1996.

New York 30-Oct-83

US NY,New York City,Danceteria

Setlist: So Your Heart (LL)/ Dead River (LL)/ ? (LL)/ Blue Turk (LL&CR)/ Go To The Church(Hot Horse) (CR)/ Misery Loves Company (LL&MA)/ Love Amongst The Ruined (MA)/ You'll Never See Me On A Sunday (MA)/ A Million Manias (MA&CR)/ Halo Flamin' Lead (CR)/ In The Ghetto (NC)/ Body Unknown (NC&MA&LL&CR)/ A Box For Black Paul (NC).

Note 1: 2nd concert as Immaculate Consumptive. Initially scheduled for Friday 28-Oct-83, but then moved to Sunday 30-Oct-83 followed by a second date on Monday 31-Oct-83. The music is was mainly pre-recorded. "In The Ghetto" had been just recorded in the studio and this is the first time it is played live. "A Box For Black Paul" is not performed at this show because Clint Ruin destroyed the piano (on loan from Brian Eno) by walking on it during "Halo Flamin' Lead". The concert was taped by NME journalist Chris Bohn who also wrote a large piece on it which appeared in the 12-Nov-83 issue.

Note 2: Sources of the studios versions of the above tracks: "So Your Heart" and "Dead River" (Honeymoon In Red [with The Birthday Party]- s/t 1988 album), "Blue Turk" (Alice Cooper- "Schools' Out" 1972 album), "Love Amongst The Ruined" (Marc Almond- V/A:"If You Can't Please Yourself.." 1985 album), "You'll Never See Me On A Sunday" (Marc Almond- "Torment" 1983 12"), "A Million Manias" (Marc Almond- "Torment and Toreros" 1983 album), "Halo Flamin' Lead" (Foetus- V/A:"Mad Mix II" 1983 tape), "A Box For Black Paul" (Nick Cave- "From Her To Eternity" 1984 album), "In The Ghetto" (Nick Cave- "In The Ghetto" 1984 single, originally Elvis Presley), "Body Unknown" (Marc Almond- "Violent Silence" 1986 album).

Flyer: Scan of flyer from the Danceteria webpage.

New York 31-Oct-83

US NY,New York City,Danceteria

Flyer: Scan of flyer from the Danceteria webpage.

Note: 3rd and final concert as Immaculate Consumptive. "A Box For Black Paul" is aborted this night.
On May 13, Jim Fouratt (formely of the Hurrah club) and Rudolf Piper opened the Danceteria club, which would be a weekend-mostly affair, opening late and staying open late. Bands might play at 2 or 4 AM, still onstage while the sun came up.

No Trend (April 1984 - April 1985)

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