Beirut Slump

(New York City June 1978 - May 1979)


Bob and Liz Swope August 1979.
 Showing Bob and Liz Swope with (non Beirut Slump member) Kristian Hoffman (left).

Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), 
dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to the American band Beirut Slump. 

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The year in which the band is founded. Recording of their only single "Try Me/The Staircase".

Beirut Slump co-exists partialy at the same time as Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. They rehearse for most of the time they exist (@ Kristian Hoffman and Bradly Fields' place on 240 Grand Street, New York City), but end up doing only 4 live concerts and one recording session. Apparently Diego Cortez (aka James Allan Curtis, director of the illustrious "Grutzi Elvis" 1978 feature film) was their manager. In this band Lydia does not sing. Vocal duties are taken by Bob Swope, who alledgedly was -just like his sister- a tag-wrestler from Florida. Bobby Swope was one of the St.Petersburg (FL) Eckerd College crew (like Arto Lindsay, Connie Burg, Marc Cunningham and Gordon Stevenson). It's around this time that Lydia starts starring in (Irish born) Vivienne Dick's Super-8 films.

Line-up (New York City: June 1978 - May 1979):
Bob Swope [a.k.a. Bobby Berkowitz] (vocals/violin)/ Lydia Lunch (guitar)/ Vivienne Dick (organ)/ Liz Swope (bass)
and Jim Sclavunos (drums).

New York 14-Jul-78

US NY,New York City,Millenium (on East 4th street)
[with DNA, The Contortions, Tim Wright, Youth In Asia]

Setlist: ?/ See Pretty/ ?/ Try Me/ Sidewalk/ The Staircase.

Flyer: Reproduction taken from DNA's "DNA on DNA" CD (2004). Another flyer taken from "No Wave", a book by Marc Masters.

Note: Their first concert. They perform as "Belfast Ghetto". The show is a benefit to raise money for "Guerrilere Talks", a Vivienne Dick film.

New York 17-Aug-78

US NY,New York City,Max's Kansas City
[with The Contortions and No Wave jam]

Ad: Microfilm image from the Village Voice 21-Aug-78.

Note: Their second concert. The 'No Wave jam band' consisted out of Lydia Lunch, from The Contortions: James Chance/ George Scott/ Don Christensen and James Nares, and from The Mumps: Kristian Hoffman.

US NY,New York City,Hothouse studio, recording the "Try Me/The Staircase" 7" and "See Pretty" and "Sidewalk" (both later made available on the "Hysterie" album). Produced by Woody Payne (a.k.a Charles Ball).

The year in which they release of their 1st and only single "Try Me/The Staircase". They year they disband.

March 1979
US Release of the "Try Me/The Staircase" 7" on Migraine Records-Lust/Unlust Music.

New York 29-Apr-79

US NY,New York City,Max's Kansas City
[with Information]

Flyer: Reproduction taken from "No Wave" a book by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley (Abrams Image 2008).

Ad: Microfilm image from the Village Voice April 1979, courtesy of Jonathan Luftig.

Note: Their third concert. Also screening of Herk Harvey's "Carnival Of Souls" film.

New York 17-May-79

US NY,New York City,Mudd Club
[with Boris Policeband]

Setlist: See Pretty/ Left To Right/ Case #14(*)/ Try Me/ G-I Blue(*)/ The Staircase/ I Am Lord Jesus(*)/ Tornado Warnings(*).

Flyer: Photo of flyer, designed by Diego Cortez.

Setlist: Scan of setlist courtesy of Kim W.

Note: Their fourth and last concert. The (*) tracks are available on the "Hysterie" compilation album.
The Mudd club was co-founded by Diego Cortez with Steve Mass and Anya Phillips and opened on the 31st of October 1978 and was located at 77 White Street in downtown Manhattan. Diego Cortez (aka James Allan Curtis) died on June 20, 2021 in Burlington, North Carolina, aged 74.

June 1979
US NY,New York City. Lydia disbands the group before leaving on a European tour with Teenage Jesus & The Jerks.

8 Eyed Spy (September 1979 - August 1980)

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