Devil Dogs

(Los Angeles November 1980 - February 1981)


Devil Dogs 1980
Devil Dogs Line-up #1 (L-to-R): Stanley Adler, Lydia Lunch, Jim Sclavunos and Michael Paumgardhen. Credit: Tom Bessoir.

Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), 
dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to the American band Devil Dogs. 

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The year in which this very short lived live band is founded and does a small US tour.

From August/September 1980 Lydia Lunch resides in Topanga Canyon (the 'Snake Pit' area), Los Angeles. Later she moves to a house in the Venice area of Los Angeles where she stays until February 1982.

She forms this band with ex-Teenage Jesus & The Jerks member Jim Sclavunos and ex-8 Eyed Spy member Michael Paumgarden. Stanley Adler [later in The Same] joins on bass. Lydia asks Robert Quine [Voidoids] (who had worked with Lydia on her "Queen of Siam" album) for some fun blues songs from his collection of 78rpm blues records, he made her a tape, and that was the basis of their live set.

Line-up #1 (Los Angeles: October/November 1980):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Michael Paumgarden (guitar)/ Stan(ley) Adler (bass) and Jim Sclavunos (drums)

New York xx-Oct-79

US NY,New York City,Mudd Club

Photo: Credit Felipe Orrego. Another photo by Bob Bert [Sonic Youth].

Note: Their first NYC concert. The Mudd club was co-founded by Diego Cortez with Steve Mass and Anya Phillips and opened on the 31st of October 1978 and was located @ 77 White Street in downtown Manhattan.

New York City 04-Nov-80

US NY,New York City,Tier 3
[with The Offs and Frisco Whites]

Ad: Scan of advert from Village Voice, from No Wave Facebook group.

New York City 07-Nov-80

US NY,New York City,Tier 3

Flyer: Photo of flyer, collection Thurston Moore, via No Wave Facebook group.

Ad: Scan of advert from Village Voice, from No Wave Facebook group.

US NY,New York City,80's Club

US NY,New York City,Hurrah
[with Deadline]

Note: With Robert Quine guesting on guitar.

New York City 13-Nov-80

US NY,New York City,Rock Lounge

Ad: Scan of ad taken from the East Village Eye November 1980.

Chicago 14-Nov-80

US IL,Chicago,Waves
[with Ama-Dots]

Listing: Scan of listing, taken from Chicago Tribune 14-Nov-80.

Note: Start of a small tour of the Midwest, in Marty Nation's ["Fingered" movie star] '58 Ford pickup truck (photo credit Julia Gorton).

Minneapolis 15/16-Nov-80

US MN,Minneapolis,Zoogie's

US MN,Minneapolis,Zoogie's

Note: Zoogie's was formerly The Longhorn.

Ad: Scan of ad courtesy of Dan Peterson.

Madison 18-Nov-80

US WI,Madison,Merlyn's

Ad: Scan of ad taken from The Capital Times 13-Nov-80.

Milwaukee 20-Nov-80

US WI,Milwaukee,Starship

Ad: Radio ad by Downstairs Dan (mp3 675KB).

Poster: Scan of poster.

Detroit 21-Nov-80

US MI,Detroit,Bookie's Club 870
[with Mission Of Burma]

Poster: Photo of poster, design by Gary Grimshaw.

Card: Photo of calendar card.

Lansing 22-Nov-80

US MI,Lansing,Club DooBee
[with The Lips Are Back]

US MI,Lansing,Club DooBee
[with Trainable]

Flyer: Original flyer.

Ad/Review: Scan of advert, and review taken from the Lansing State Journal 22/24-Nov-80.

Ann Arbor 24-Nov-80

US MI,Ann Arbor,Second Chance
[with R.U.R. and Retro]

Handbill: Photo of handbill.

Ad: Scan of advert from Detroit Free Press 16-Nov-80.

Review: Scan of review, taken from the Michigan Daily 26-Nov-80.

US NY,New York City,Mudd Club

Note: "The first time I went to America was with Siouxsie & The Banshees, and the very first night [..] I arrived at the hotel as everyone was leaving. They told me to drop the bags, they were off to the Mudd Club. [..] Devil Dogs were performing. I ended up in a diner with Siouxsie, Budgie, and Lydia, talking about Alice Cooper. I immediately hit it off with Lydia -she seemed to think I was Siouxsie's boyfriend, so she was interested in me. I was only eighteen at the time." Murray Mitchell [Siouxsie's roadie and in '81 in Lydia's "The Agony Is The Ecstacy" performance], quoted in "Lydia Lunch- The War Is Never Over", a book by Nick Soulsby (Jawbone, 2020).

Toronto 26-Nov-80

CA ON,Toronto,Concert Hall
[support for The Stranglers]

Listing: Scan of listing from The Varsity 21-Nov-80.

Toronto 27-Nov-80

CA ON,Toronto,The Edge

Listing: Scan of listing from The Varsity 26-Nov-80.

US NY,New York City,Peppermint Lounge

Boston 29-Nov-80

US MA,Boston,The Channel
[with Swinging Madisons and The Dark]

Listing: Scan of listing from Boston Globe 28-Nov-80.

Robert Maché replaces Michael Paumgarden on guitar and Kristian Hoffman replaces Jim Sclavunos on drums. Robert was in the Swinging Madisons (1980-1982) with Kristian Hoffman, Bleaker Street Incident (1983-198x), with Kristian and Ann Magnuson, and in the 90's he joined Steve Wynn's band. Kristian was in The Mumps (1975-1980), the Swinging Madisons (1980-1982), The Agony Is The Ecstacy (1981), Bleaker Street Incident (1983-198x), Congo Norvell (1991-1995) and tons more bands. Rudi Protrudi [born born Glen Dalpis, in Tina Peel (1976-1979), later frontman of the Fuzztones. From the East Village,NYC.] joins on bass, replacing Stan Adler.

Line-up #2 (New York: December 1980 - February 1981):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Robert Maché (guitar)/ Rudi Protrudi (bass) and Kristian Hoffman (drums)

US NY,New York City,basement of Kristian Hoffman and Bradly Field's loft (@ 240 Grand Street)

Note: One rehearsal with the new guys, preparing for the upcoming shows.

US NY,New York City,Tier 3/TR3

Note: Tier 3 (also known as TR3) opened late May 1979 and closed in December 1980. Hilary Jaeger was the live music booker. For a story of the club read an interview with Hilary Jaeger @ Perfect Sound Forever.

Hoboken 06-Dec-80

US NJ,Hoboken,Maxwell's

Ad: Photo of advert.

Note: "Hoboken was the famous set where Lydia was doing her solo [with a drumstick] on a cast iron frying pan in the middle of a song, and looked at me, and started laughing so hard that she peed her pants." [Kristian Hoffman email, 2009].

US DC,Washington,9:30 Club

Philadelphia 12-Dec-80

US PA,Philadelphia,Omni's

Listing: Scan of listing, taken from Philadelphia Inquirer 12-Dec-80.

Atlanta 13-Dec-80

US GA,Atlanta,688 Club
[with Vietnam]

Setlist: I Feel So Worried [Sammy Lewis/Willie Lee Johnson. 1955]/ Twelve Year Old Boy [Elmore James/Mel London. 1957]/ I Don’t Want Nobody/ Be Careful What You Do [John Brim. 1953] / Jive/ Racketeer’s Blues [Lonnie Johnson. 1932]/ Memphis Yodel-Rocky Road Blues [Jimi Rodgers. 1928/ Bill Monroe. 1945]/ Snatch It Back and Hold It [Junior Wells. 1965]/ Get Your Business Straight [Morris “Magic Slim” Holt]/ He Fooled Me/ It's Tight Like That [Clara Smith/Hudson "Tampa Red" Whittaker. 1929]/ Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum.

Listing: Scan of listing, taken from the Atlanta Constitution 13-Dec-80.

Note: Rudi Protrudi vocals on "Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum". When I got the call for the next gig, I had a recording of the first gig [..] We recorded that night for what was going to be a live record [..]. Unfortunately, Lydia decided that she had laryngitis and she did not want the record to come out. It was funny because, when I heard the recording, [..] she was off-key as always. I refer to Lydia's style as 'bitching the blues': she doesn't sing [the songs], she bitches them, which has a certain charm if you understand where she's coming from." Rudi Protrudi quoted in "Lydia Lunch- The War Is Never Over", a book by Nick Soulsby (Jawbone, 2020). The recording of this show has been made available on the "Bitchin' The Blues" bootleg CD-R (Black Cat Records 2006).

The year in which the band is doing 4 dates in Italy and then split up without having recorded.

IT Roma,Teatro Olimpico
[with Leroy Jenkins]

Note: Start of the short (4 dates) Italian tour. They do a 35 mins show. Leroy Jenkins (1932-2007) was an American composer and free jazz violinist. In 1981 he released his "Lifelong Ambitions" album on the italian Black Saint records label.

IT Milano,Sala dei Congressi della Provincia (Via Corridoni 16) - Jazz festival
[with Leroy Jenkins, Orchestra Luna]

Setlist: Racketeer’s Blues [Lonnie Johnson. 1932]/ Twelve Year Old Boy [Elmore James/Mel London. 1957]/ Snatch It Back and Hold It [Junior Wells. 1965]/ Get Your Business Straight [Morris “Magic Slim” Holt]/ He Fooled Me/ Jive/ Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum.

Note: After the 30 mins show the band is interviewed for Prisma magazine (published April 1981).

IT -,-
[with Orchestra Luna, ..]

Note: After these 2 final dates somewhere in Italy the band splits.

13.13 / The Agony Is The Ecstacy (Spring 1981 - December 1981)

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