Devil Dogs

(Los Angeles November 1980 - February 1981)


Devil Dogs 1980
Devil Dogs Line-up #1 (L-to-R): Stanley Adler, Lydia Lunch, Jim Sclavunos and Michael Paumgardhen. Credit: Tom Bessoir.

Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), 
dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to the American band Devil Dogs. 

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The year in which this very short lived live band is founded and does a small US tour.

From August/September 1980 Lydia Lunch resides in Topanga Canyon (the 'Snake Pit' area), Los Angeles. Later she moves to a house in the Venice area of Los Angeles where she stays until February 1982.

She forms this band with ex-Teenage Jesus & The Jerks member Jim Sclavunos and ex-8 Eyed Spy member Michael Paumgarden. Stanley Adler [later in The Same] joins on bass. Lydia asks Robert Quine [Voidoids] (who had worked with Lydia on her "Queen of Siam" album) for some fun blues songs from his collection of 78rpm blues records, he made her a tape, and that was the basis of their live set.

Line-up #1 (USA October/November 1980):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Michael Paumgarden (guitar)/ Stan(ley) Adler (bass) and Jim Sclavunos (drums)

New York xx-Oct-79

US NY,New York City,Mudd Club

Photo: Credit Felipe Orrego. Another photo by Bob Bert [Sonic Youth].

Note: Their first NYC concert. The Mudd club was co-founded by Diego Cortez with Steve Mass and Anya Phillips and opened on the 31st of October 1978 and was located @ 77 White Street in downtown Manhattan.

US NY,New York City,Hurrah
[with Deadline]

Note: With Robert Quine guesting on guitar.

New York City 13-Nov-80

US NY,New York City,Rock Lounge

Ad: Scan of ad taken from the East Village Eye November 1980.

Chicago 14-Nov-80

US IL,Chicago,Waves
[with Ama-Dots]

Listing: Scan of listing, taken from Chicago Tribune 14-Nov-80.

Note: Start of a small tour of the Midwest, in Marty Nation's ["Fingered" movie star] '58 Ford pickup truck (photo credit Julia Gorton).

Minneapolis 15/16-Nov-80

US MN,Minneapolis,Zoogie's

US MN,Minneapolis,Zoogie's

Note: Zoogie's was formerly The Longhorn.

Ad: Scan of ad courtesy of Dan Peterson.

Milwaukee 20-Nov-80

US WI,Milwaukee,Starship

Ad: Radio ad by Downstairs Dan (mp3 675KB).

Poster: Scan of poster.

Detroit 21-Nov-80

US MI,Detroit,Bookie's Club 870
[with Mission Of Burma]

Poster: Photo of poster, design by Gary Grimshaw.

Card: Photo of calendar card.

Lansing 22-Nov-80

US MI,Lansing,Club DooBee
[with The Lips Are Back]

US MI,Lansing,Club DooBee
[with Trainable]

Flyer: Original flyer.

Ad/Review: Scan of ad, and review taken from the Lansing State Journal 22/24-Nov-80.

Ann Arbor 24-Nov-80

US MI,Ann Arbor,Second Chance
[with R.U.R. and Retro]

Handbill: Photo of handbill.

Review: Scan of review, taken from the Michigan Daily 26-Nov-80.

US NY,New York City,Mudd Club

Note: "The first time I went to America was with Siouxsie & The Banshees, and the very first night [..] I arrived at the hotel as everyone was leaving. They told me to drop the bags, they were off to the Mudd Club. [..] Devil Dogs were performing. I ended up in a diner with Siouxsie, Budgie, and Lydia, talking about Alice Cooper. I immediately hit it off with Lydia -she seemed to think I was Siouxsie's boyfriend, so she was interested in me. I was only eighteen at the time." Murray Mitchell [Siouxsie's roadie and in '81 in Lydia's "The Agony Is The Ecstacy" performance], quoted in "Lydia Lunch- The War Is Never Over", a book by Nick Soulsby (Jawbone, 2020).

US NY,New York City,Peppermint Lounge

US MA,Boston,The Channel
[with Swinging Madisons and The Dark]

Robert Maché replaces Michael on guitar and Kristian Hoffman replaces Jim on drums. Robert was in the Swinging Madisons (1980-1982) with Kristian Hoffman, Bleaker Street Incident (1983-198x), with Kristian and Ann Magnuson, and in the 90's he joined Steve Wynn's band. Kristian was in The Mumps (1975-1980), the Swinging Madisons (1980-1982), The Agony Is The Ecstacy (1981), Bleaker Street Incident (1983-198x), Congo Norvell (1991-1995) and tons more bands. Rudi Protrudi [Tina Peel, later frontman of the Fuzztones, from the East Village,NYC] joins on bass, replacing Stan.

Line-up #2 (December 1980 - February 1981):
Lydia Lunch (vocals)/ Robert Maché (guitar)/ Rudi Protrudi (bass) and Kristian Hoffman (drums)

US NY,New York City,basement of Kristian Hoffman and Bradly Field's loft (@ 240 Grand Street)

Note: One rehearsal with the new guys, preparing for the Georgia show.

Atlanta 13-Dec-80

US GA,Atlanta,688 Club
[with Vietnam]

Setlist: I Feel So Worried [Sammy Lewis/Willie Lee Johnson. 1955]/ Twelve Year Old Boy [Elmore James/Mel London. 1957]/ I Don’t Want Nobody/ Be Careful What You Do [John Brim. 1953] / Jive/ Racketeer’s Blues [Lonnie Johnson. 1932]/ Memphis Yodel-Rocky Road Blues [Jimi Rodgers. 1928/ Bill Monroe. 1945]/ Snatch It Back and Hold It [Junior Wells. 1965]/ Get Your Business Straight [Morris “Magic Slim” Holt]/ He Fooled Me/ It's Tight Like That [Clara Smith/Hudson "Tampa Red" Whittaker. 1929]/ Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum.

Listing: Scan of listing, taken from the Atlanta Constitution 13-Dec-80.

Note: Rudi Protrudi vocals on "Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum". When I got the call for the next gig, I had a recording of the first gig [..] We recorded that night for what was going to be a live record [..]. Unfortunately, Lydia decided that she had laryngitis and she did not want the record to come out.It was funny because, when I heard the recording, [..] she was off-key as always. I refer to Lydia's style as 'bitching the blues': she doesn't sing [the songs], she bitches them, which has a certain charm if you understand where she's coming from." Rudi Protrudi quoted in "Lydia Lunch- The War Is Never Over", a book by Nick Soulsby (Jawbone, 2020).
Recording of the show available on "Bitchin' The Blues" bootleg CD-R (Black Cat Records 2006).

US NY,New York City,Tier 3

Note: Tier 3 (also known as TR3) opened in June 1979 and closed in December 1980. Hilary Jaeger was the live music booker. For a story of the club read an interview with Hilary Jaeger @ Perfect Sound Forever.

US NJ,Hoboken,-

Note: "Hoboken was the famous set where Lydia was doing her solo [with a drumstick] on the frying pan in the middle of a song, and looked at me, and started laughing so hard that she peed her pants." [Kristian Hoffman email 2009].

US DC,Washington,9:30 Club

Philadelphia 12-Dec-80

US PA,Philadelphia,Omni's

Listing: Scan of listing, taken from Philadelphia Inquirer 12-Dec-80.

The year in which the band is doing 4 dates in Italy and then split up without having recorded.

IT Roma,Aula Magna del Rettorato - Jazz festival
[with Orchestra Luna, ..]

Note: Start of the short Italian tour.

IT Milano,Sala dei Congressi della Provincia (Via Corridoni 16) - Jazz festival
[with Leroy Jenkins, Orchestra Luna]

Setlist: Racketeer’s Blues [Lonnie Johnson. 1932]/ Twelve Year Old Boy [Elmore James/Mel London. 1957]/ Snatch It Back and Hold It [Junior Wells. 1965]/ Get Your Business Straight [Morris “Magic Slim” Holt]/ He Fooled Me/ Jive/ Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum.

Note: After the 30 mins show the band is interviewed for Prisma magazine (published April 1981).

IT -,-
[with Orchestra Luna, ..]

Note: After these 2 dates somewhere in Italy the band splits.

13.13 / The Agony Is The Ecstacy (Spring 1981 - December 1981)

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