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The Obsessions

(January-September 1977: Melbourne)
The Obsessions 1977
 Simon McLean, Rowland S. Howard and Graham Pitt 1977. Photo credit: Bruce Milne.

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1977. Rowland, aged 17, attends Prahran Technical Art & Design School and forms The Obsessions with ex-Tootho members Graham Pitt [ex- Antennae & the TV Kids, later The Fiction] and Simon McLean, Rob Wellington [later The Fiction, International Exiles and Little Murders] and various drummers.

Line-up (Melbourne January-September 1977):
Simon McLean [a.k.a. Simon Fiction] (vocals)/ Graham Pitt [a.k.a. Peter Doubt] (bass)/ Rowland S. Howard (sax/guitar/vocals)/ Rob Wellington (guitar) and Peter (no relation to Nick) Cave or (sometimes) John Murphy (drums).

Lots of rehearsals. Songs written: "Have You Got the Time?", "Party Games", "Video", Taste My Blood". Covers: "Steppin' Stone" [The Monkees], "You Don't Own Me" [Lesley Gore]. "Shivers" is written on 20-Jan-77, when Rowland S.Howard (born 24-Oct-59) was 17 years old.

Janet Austin's place

AU Melbourne-Camberwell,Janet Austin's place,private party
[with The Reals & The Boys Next Door]

Review: Taken from "Alive 'n' Pumping" punk zine, issue #1- 1977.

Note: The Obsessions are present at the party, but do not play. Together with Bruce Milne and Clinton Walker, Janet Austin ran "Pulp" punk fanzine. The Reals are Garry Gray (vocals), Ian ‘Ollie’ Olsen (guitar), Chris Walsh (bass) and Peter [no relation to Nick] Cave (drums), they play Stooges influenced songs. Ian ‘Ollie’ Olsen and Rowland S.Howard would in December 1977 form The Young Charlatans. At the party Nick Cave and Rowland S.Howard meet for the first time.

Hawthorn 19-Aug-77

AU Melbourne-Hawthorn,Swinburne Technical University/College,Ethel Hall
[with The Reals & The Boys Next Door]

Flyer: Scan of flyer. Another flyer, reproduced in the booklet accompanying the "Inner City Sound" 2CD (Laughing Outlaw Records 2005).

Note: The Obsessions pulled out at the last minute because they could not find a drummer. They were replaced by The Babeez (later to become The News). Organised by Bruce Milne (then DJ at Swinburne Uni 3SW student radio). Rowland meets Ian 'Ollie' Olsen [The Reals] at the gig.

Obessions ad

September 1977
AU Melbourne

Note: Rowland leaves the band and forms The Young Charlatans with Ian 'Ollie' Olsen [The Reals]. Graham Pitt tries to continue with the band and places an ad looking for a guitarist and bassist.

Ad: From Bruce Milne and Clinton Walker's "Pulp" fanzine issue #3/4 (February 1978).

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