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Rowland Stuart Howard
-Discography and Concert Chronology-

(1974 - 2009)

Tootho & the Ring of Confidence (1974) The Obsessions (1977) The Young Charlatans (1977)

Mid 1974, when attending Swinburne Community School in Hawthorn, Rowland joins his friends' school band Tootho & the Ring of Confidence, which was formed in 1974 by Clint Small, Graham Pitt and Simon McLean, all attending the same school. They rehearse a lot and have at least one live gig in 1976. Chronology.

With ex-Tootho members Graham Pitt and Simon Mclean, Rowland forms The Obsessions, a band which would only exist from January till August 1977. They rehearse a lot, but never play any live concerts.Chronology.

Rowland's first real band, established with Ian 'Ollie' Olson [The Reals]. Starting in November 1977, they write plenty of songs, most of which are demoed. After about 13 live gigs and at the eve of an Adelaide tour the band splits in June 1978. Rowland now permanentely joins The Boys Next Door. Chronology and Discography.

The Boys Next Door (1978) The Birthday Party (1980) with Lydia Lunch (1982)

Evolving from the 'Caulfield Grammar School' band (1974-1975), which just played at school social and parties, Boys Next Door started in 1977 and are signed to Mushroom records Suicide 'punk' roster. Rowland S. Howard joins the band in August 1978, taking several of his Young Charlatans songs with him, like the classic "Shivers". They play more than 330 live gigs in Australia before moving to London in 1980 and changing their name to The Birthday Party. Discography and Chronology.

The Boys Next Door played their last show on 28-Feb-80 in Melbourne at the Macy's. They leave for London the next day and change their name to The Birthday Party. They would record two albums and two EPs and play close to 300 live gigs. In August 1983 the band disintegrate when recording their final "Mutiny!" EP. Discography and Chronology.

Lydia Lunch met The Birthday Party in New York City during their October 1981 US tour. Between March and August 1982 she records and tours with their guitarist Rowland S.Howard and The Birthday Party in Europe. After Lydia and Rowland's joint Shotgun Wedding project in 1991 they both perform together a few times more in 1993/94. Discography and Chronology.

Crime & the City Solution (1985) with Nikki Sudden (1986) These Immortal Souls (1987)

Rowland and his brother Harry join the London incarnation of Crime and the City Solution in January 1985. Two albums, one EP, and about 100 live gigs later both leave the band in December 1986. Discography and Chronology.

In a period of 2 years (1986-1987) Rowland records 3 albums and one single with Nikki Sudden. As well as peforming live about 20 times as member of Nikki's band. Roughly the same line-up recorded 2 albums at the same studio at about the same time with Jeremy Gluck. Discography and Chronology

Rowland and his brother Harry, with former Crime drummer, Epic Soundtracks form These Immortal Souls. The London line-up records 2 albums and perform live about 100 times in Europe and North America. When Rowland and Harry return to Australia early 1994 they perform live about 25 times, with a new line-up, before finally breaking up in 1998. Discography and Chronology.

Shotgun Wedding (1991) Solo (1994) Rowland S. Howard band (1998)

Lydia Lunch's band with Rowland S.Howard and his brother Harry. The band was initially named Gashouse and located in New Orleans (US). Later they renamed themselves Shotgun Wedding and recorded an album in Memphis during May 1991. They did 2 main tours in November 1991 (Europe) and September 1994 (Australia). Discography and Chronology.

By late 1993/early 1994 Rowland had left London and moved back to Melbourne. Until 2008 he would play solo live gigs a few times a month, in and around Melbourne. By 2006 he managed to quit heroin. Chronology.

May 1998. Brian Hooper (bass) and Mick Harvey (drums) join him in forming the Rowland S. Howard band, which would record two albums, "Teenage Snuff Film" (1999) and "Pop Crimes" (2009), his last ever recording. On December 30, 2009, at the age of 50, Rowland died in hospital, awaiting a liver transplant. Discography and Chronology.

Collaborations/Guest (1983-2006) Tributes (2010-2021) ...

With Fad Gadget, Henry Rollins, Nick Cave, AC Marias, Barry Adamson, Epic Soundtracks, Spencer P.Jones, Chris Haskett, Hungry Ghosts, Magic Dirt, Teenager and HTRK. Discography.

In 2010, two tribute nights took place in Europe, around the time Rowland's European tour was planned to take place. In 2012 at a "Crystal Ballroom" event Mick Harvey (with band) perform Young Charlatans songs. In 2013-2014 and 2020 Mick Harvey organised a series of tributes to Rowland S.Howard.Chronology. Discography.



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