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Tootho & the Ring of Confidence

(1974-1976: Melbourne)
Tootho & the Ring of Confidence 1976
 Rowland S. Howard, Gina Riley and Simon McLean @ the Greville street gig in 1976. Photo credit: Peter Milne.

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The year in which Tootho & the Ring of Confidence is established. Rowland attends Swinburne Community School.

1974. Rowland, aged 15, attends Swinburne Community School in Hawthorn (Melbourne) together with amongst others Bruce Milne [later Pulp magazine, Au-Go-Go records, Fast Forward tape magazine], Bronwyn Adams [later Crime and the City Solution], Clint Small [later Little Murders], Graham Pitt [later Champagne Edge] and Simon McLean.

Line-up #1a (Melbourne July-1974 - Mid 1975):
Simon -Tooth- McLean (vocals)/ Graham Pitt (bass guitar, vocals)/ Clint Small (lead guitar, vocals)
and drummer.

Lots of rehearsals at lunch-time, some live concerts at Graham Pitt's home and at schools and small places, no recordings. Some songs played are titled "Let's Brush Again" (a.k.a "Let's Twist Again"), "Born To Brush" (a.k.a "Born To Boogie") and other heavy dental music! (information sourced from "Plastered press" zine.)

AU Camberwell,Civic center
Battle of the bands contest

Setlist: (A.o) Ain't She Sweet [Milton Ager/The Beatles]/...

Note: Information sourced from "Plastered press" zine.

Line-up #1b (Melbourne Mid-1975):
Simon -Tooth- McLean (vocals)/ Graham Pitt (bass guitar)/ Clint Small (guitar)/ Rowland S. Howard (rhythm guitar and sax)
and Paul Kelly (drums).

Hanging Rock 1976

AU Newham/Hesket,Hanging Rock
(formally known as Mount Diogenes)

Photo: Credit Peter Milne.

Note: During a school(?) outing. Rowland with Simon McLean.

AU Melbourne-Boronia,-

Greville street 1976

AU Melbourne-Prahran,Park in Greville Street

Photo: Credit Bruce Milne. Another photo credit Peter Milne.

Note: With Gina Riley, later to become a famous TV/film actress.

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